Families and Kids

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Fundamentally, ADHD is a challenge of engagement. Due to asynchronous development and atypical brain wiring, your child may lag in the effective activation of their executive function capacities. Nevertheless, you know they possess pronounced strengths and even gifts. Performance challenges associated with executive function demands in school and social life are surmountable. These challenges do not define your child’s potential or your success as a parent. They are skills and can be learned. As your child’s coach, I will work with them to connect them to their strengths, develop self-awareness and help them learn to leverage their unique capacity for engagement at school and with peers.

Coaching and supporting ADHD kids is a Family affair. This necessitates a shared understanding of what ADHD is and how to integrate this understanding into a joyful family life.

A key element of Family coaching is parent education and support. Parents need strategies and information to effectively support their ADHD children. Challenges associated with ADHD may degrade the loving parent/child connection. Family coaching plays a central role in restoring a loving and supportive family life.

Every ADHD child deserves a qualified, caring ADHD Coach standing firmly in their corner.

Bronwyn Foley